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While I enjoy my sessions with the women that choose me for their boudoir sessions, I take it serious as hell too.  We are in the position, as the photographer, to essentially make it or break it.  A lot of women come in to the studio when they are feeling very vulnerable and they are even scared, nervous and more. Emotions are usually high on shoot day!  But it is my job to make them forget the stress for the day!  I had a client email me and say I can share some of her images so I wanted to jump on that!  I don’t get as many clients I can show mostly due to wanting to keep their lives, and their butts off the internet!!

So here is a few words from Ms. C (we will call her for anonymity) :

“I booked that shoot because I needed to feel beautiful. I needed to undo the harm that someone caused me.. I needed to see if somewhere inside me I still had any fight left.   Your pictures made me see that I’m beautiful, no matter how many times someone told me otherwise. Your pictures made me feel strong, when others called me weak. Your photographs allowed me to stop being the victim and gave me the strength to fight. I look at that book now when I’m feeling weak and sad and I remember how you made me feel that day. Like I was superwoman. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I’m forever grateful.”

What women don’t realize is they ARE gorgeous, and strong and amazing.  It is already there.  But sometimes they need someone else to show them and remind them.
Here is a sampling of her gorgeous images:


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Ladies, this is for you women that have been waiting and waiting and not sure if they want to do a shoot! This is the little push you need to do one!!  Save some $$$ and get into the Columbus Boudoir studio in 2018!

GLAM DISCOUNT of 150.00 off session and 200.00 order credit USE : BLKFRGLAM

SEXY DISCOUNT of 100.00 off session and 100.00 order credit USE : BLKFRSEXY

click here to purchase —




Read post below for all details. (Glam is 2 outfits and white sheet with makeup and hair, Sexy is 1 outfit and white sheet with makeup and hair)

GLAM DISCOUNT of 150.00 off session and 200.00 order credit USE : BLKFRGLAM

SEXY DISCOUNT of 100.00 off session and 100.00 order credit USE : BLKFRSEXY

GET READY… GO!!! Only 20 sessions available at this price!!



The promo prices are not R


The session fees are currently Sexy 295.00 and Glam 395.00
As of Jan 1, 2018 the session fees will be going up substantially as I had lowered them for the year on a trial basis.

So make sure and get your session booked now! Plus save on your order, it is such a deal, and I won’t be doing another special in 2018, until maybe Black Friday!

Minimum order for 2018 is $800.00 Each digital image is $100.00 and each image you put in an album is $100 as well. We have many sizes for albums and we also have wall art. But each client will spend 800.00 min on product. If you have a credit, then that does come off of the minimum order.
To see the current pricing please go to

Look forward to seeing you in 2018!!

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We have had a wonderful year, and are in a new studio space as well! Shown here in a recent past clients shoot you will see images from the new studio!  I love the space and my clients are loving it too!  We have been super busy with shoots over the summer, and before you know it you will be handing out your holiday gifts!

So do not delay, I can’t stress that enough, to get yourself on my calendar if you want products in the 2017 year!  I am already booking up October, and November is really the only month left for the holiday deadline!  My clients can shoot for a few weeks in December, but I can’t make the promise of your albums making the holiday deadline! Please book your session as soon as you can and reserve your day!!  This is something that is for YOU above all.  You may feel that it makes an amazing gift, as it does, but you will certainly benefit from the special day, and seeing these photos of you looking so amazing!! It is a gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

Thank you to my client, shown below, that allowed me to share some of her recent shoot!  We aren’t showing the white sheet part of her session, because she opted for me to only show the outfit shots! I love her session, this amazing woman was so fun to work with!





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