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So the title says what I just kept saying throughout this entire shoot.  Ms. J was such a natural and was amazing in every shot!  She is naturally fit, yeah right, I am sure she works her butt off!  She is just fun and bubbly.  We had a blast in the session and even more of a blast when she came in with her man to see the photos!  They really loved them ALL.  It was super hard to narrow down, because she had just rocked the you-know-what outta her shoot!!  So without further ado, I wanted to share some with you, and a few of the comments Ms. J made after seeing a sneak peek of her shots!

“Holy crap!!   Those are so amazing!!!   I can’t believe how amazing they look!   Also, I couldn’t contain myself and I showed my man and 3 of our best friends. .  They were all impressed!!  (obviously not shy)   Can’t wait to see more!!   I had the most awesome time today.”

“I’m pretty much the most excited human right now after seeing Instagram post!!   Thank you thank you thank you for making me look so amazing!!!   Can’t wait to see more!!”



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Recently I worked with a woman that was so much fun.  She has such a great smile, and so happy in her own skin. I envy that for sure.  We had a super amazing session and she allowed me to share some of her images!  She answered a few of my questions about her session and I will share those with you too:

  • Feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious.

    Did it come true, if not, what happened instead?

    Absolutely not, Heather made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked in.

  • The whole thing, from the hair/make up, to the different poses, to the different settings I loved every minute of it!
  • In a heart beat!  This is such an empowering experience, to be able to see yourself and love yourself in whatever stage of life you are in. 

Thank you Mrs G for allowing me to share your thoughts on the session and your gorgeous images!!


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I am offering a special location shoot in September on Monday, September 19th


If we get too many requests I may open September 20th as well!

Session fee is 495.00 and includes Makeup, hair and the session in this amazing location!
ALL PRODUCTS are purchased separate at your viewing appointment approximately 1 week later!  full product pricing here:

This location is in Columbus, it is like a dream, a fully custom furnished home with a gorgeous back yard, the bathroom has a gorgeous claw foot tub, chandelier and is just amazing, I could spend all day in the bathroom!!  The different rooms all have their own character! Even the kitchen is to die for!  The backyard has the perfect lounging spots, and a gorgeous private area perfect for outdoor boudoir!

Do not miss this opportunity! Especially fun for those of you who have shot with me in my gorgeous downtown space and want something different!!

Bookings are as they are paid, and Monday we will start with hair and makeup at 9am!  You can bring 3 outfits and we will for sure want to do the gorgeous tub!!

Contact me with any questions!  and then if you are sure you want to book, please click link below or talk to me and I can get you booked!! First come first serve and I only have a few spots!

Perfect for your special holiday gift to someone!!  (Any special discounts do not apply to this shoot location)

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Oh how beautiful black and white images are. I often wonder why I love the dark and moody black and white images over color.  I think it is because it draws your eye with the light, not the colors. It focuses on the subject and form, and not the distraction of the different colors in the photo. I know when we are picking between color and black and white with clients we have the most difficult time. They think they are going to love them one way, but then the black and white just pops so much. But we want to showcase an outfit or something, and still, we are drawn to the black and white. The simplicity of it. The beauty of it.  Focusing just on the person, not the colors she is wearing or the surroundings!





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It was time, time for something fresh.  I was recently introduced to an amazing talent, Coco Tafoya of Deluxe Modern Design .  This woman has style and is amazing!  I have a new logo and a fresh take on my site thanks to her!!



I just love the logo and the crisp and clean design aspects.  She made me realize how simple to make it and it just popped for me!  Hope you enjoy the new design!  Check out our website here!


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